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Common teaching topics for retreats & conferences:

Whatever You Do:  Many women feel like “real ministry” is either in front of them or behind them. The goal of this retreat topic is to encourage women to embrace their current capacity to enter into ministry and to run the race set before them with joy and purpose - whether single or married, at the office or at home, young or old.  


Delight: Anchored in Psalm 37, the goal will be to unpack what women tend to chase in order to secure delight, and why lasting delight can only be found in the Lord.


Authentic Worship: The hope for these sessions is to recapture sincere worship – how we honor God as most valuable in daily living. We will consider what women have a tendency to “worship”, and revisit familiar Bible stories (Noah, Abraham and Sarah, the woman at the well) to see how God often cultivates faith and worship through difficult circumstances.  

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